Monday, January 11, 2010

Westwood Wall Heater C50d Westwood C50D Gas Wall Furnace Need Parts Diagram/manual?

Westwood C50D gas wall furnace need parts diagram/manual? - westwood wall heater c50d

Westwood C50D wall oven, gas must be purchased in 1977, a parts diagram / Manual for this device. I think it will replace the thermocouple. Try a site that is outside of the age or the timing of the furnaces.

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Peter F said...

Is it still effective? (Age leads to a combustion chamber to create waste that can be ...) can lose a unit of age at the time, which replaced it anyway.

Read the following if you want to test his theory.

TEMPORARILY Try to avoid or deny the thermocouple - or a pun (not intended), Hotwire, or absorbed through a switch. Do this test only, the rest of the unit.

The implementation of this mode can lead to overheating and fire! Thermocouples are often used for determining the temperature SHUT-OFF! Do not install any security without heating tools in place.
Please do not try to use the device like a thermocouple people - (people) not good in this role for long ... 30 years and lasted just a replacement for the man!

If the player works as expected also to examine the thermocouple - are generally outside vendors ... and is perhaps possible to find a model number on this drive.

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