Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amateur Radio Antenna It Is The Ultimate Source! Where Can I Get A Cheep 2 Meter Antenna For A TM-D700A Amateur Radio?

Where can I get a cheep 2 meter antenna for a TM-D700A Amateur Radio? - amateur radio antenna it is the ultimate source!

should be less than $ 90 Gift Chirstmas ()


KE5CKJ said...

For radio antenna has a dual band (144/440), and you can spend less than $ 90.


Mikey said...

Look at the antenna of a "Yagi, I have my own for about $ 10.00

JOHNNIE B said...

Create your own U can not be calculated quarter-wavelength. There are books in the hands of the antenna of the Library, Get Busy is not so difficult.

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