Friday, January 8, 2010

Unprotected Sex On The Pill Chances Of Me Falling Pregnant On Day 2 Or 17 Of My Cycle; On Yasmin Pill, Unprotected Sex?

Chances of me falling pregnant on day 2 or 17 of my cycle; on yasmin pill, unprotected sex? - unprotected sex on the pill

I'm on Yasmin oral contraceptives, was up to 2 tablets into my 3rd Line of approximately 17 days of my cycle, I had unprotected sex on 2 Day of my cycle, and again today. I was very chaotic with my pills this month, but I took my pill this morning, at the right time. What should I be pregnant now.? I know I should stop taking the pill, but what are my chances if I stop now well enough to become pregnant than it is today?

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ruth_tej... said...

well, since uve used pills for a while, its really difficult to become pregnant. In reality, it takes about 5 months for the body of Ur, to share with all the hormones that have been taken to comply, but the chances are greater. for 2 Day of ur cycle is almost impossible, but 17 is probably as close to the end of the Uruguay Round, the day of ovulation, the fertile days.

In the next month trying to Ortho Evra patch to remind u on the pill, patch-use change once a week

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