Friday, January 29, 2010

Seating Chart Template Does Anyone Have A Wedding Seating Chart Template?

Does anyone have a wedding seating chart template? - seating chart template

I look forward to a seating arrangement and not just individual cup holders for my wedding. I have seen many other frames and beautiful, but all costs for hundreds of dollars. I was wondering if someone knows whether companies, the cards must be provided at hospital at a reasonable cost? Furthermore, no one has to define its own seating and made display? If so, you could give me the model?

It's part of what I am looking for:

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spotty_d... said...

You can use a tool such as online Although they are not free, not very expensive, only $ 20.

Produce large-format drawings (based graphics), but is not based on the text.

A free trial version is available when you see them all.

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