Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10/22 Bullpup Aluminum Bullpup Stock For Ruger 10/22???

Bullpup stock for ruger 10/22??? - 10/22 bullpup aluminum

Does anyone has a population of Ruger 10/22 bullpup?
If so, what brand and how you like it?


beavizar... said...

If the bull-nose puppy-lite kit for my mini-14.

They made to be a 10/22 for the.

@ GB and T *, but opinions are very poor and fixing the plastic trigger a shot extraction terrible.

Other than the negatives is a good idea and it is a compact, futuristic look of the weapon.

Not left, brass, throws right to the face.

In general, when you search for a different look, or just a cool accessory to recommend it, but it is not a little to the functionality of the weapon.

Kurt C said...

Last year I spoke with my brother for a these.I never had much confidence in me a friend of them.es bullpup has had in his Mossberg 500, which is almost useless weapon, a link with the trigger Somtimes get canceled. I would have to disassemble to fix it.I told my brother to get a place at Butler Creek folding action.

JD said...

As previously reported Muzzelite is a "Bull Pup" replacement value for both the 10-22 and Ruger Mini-14. They fall into the kind and should not be "adapted"
23 "long and weighs almost 2 pounds, composite plastic. I have sold 2 of them specifically for the customer by my gun shop will be ordered. To be honest, I saw a few months ago at a gun show Dallas, Texas, and was not impressed. I tried my best to speak to my clients to buy, but do not work. It's Both are very disappointed after the installation, but managed to sell losses for others. The view is quite primitive and barely functional. using trigger a "transfer" bar with the original fire .. trigger.Horrible project comes with a base of Weaver, but has been described as "cheese." Retail $ 109.00 (you can buy and less expensive) are not that what you might think it would be better, or at least to do. The idea is good, but the production is mediocre at best. TThere are no other manufacturers of shares for the 10-22 bull puppy to my knowledge.

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