Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stomach Ulcer Ppi How To Cure A Stomach Ulcer And How Long Does It Take?

How to cure a stomach ulcer and how long does it take? - stomach ulcer ppi

I suffered for a year until I went to the doctor, so that their smoking very seriously, I drink coffee, stopped drinking, my doc gave me a strong PPI and I had H. pylori taking antibiotics, so my question is: how and for how long?

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Mikey V said...

I do not know how long.
I recommend the honey. It is a unique natural product with antibacterial properties very special.

The first clinical study of the honeybee has shown that patients with ulcers who took 20 g of honey four times a day, has experienced one hour before meals and at bedtime, much less pain and discomfort that patients who had no honey antibacterial effect.

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