Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dan Gable Ultimate Wrestling Shoes Socks In Folkstyle Wrestling?

Socks in Folkstyle Wrestling? - dan gable ultimate wrestling shoes

Hello, I struggled for three years and I am preparing for my first year, and my tournament next summer. I order a custom jersey, Dan Gable Ultimate 2 shoes, mouthguard new Asics knee drawer, and headgear animal. And I wonder whether it is permissible to wear knee socks with little in the past. If not, what then are the legs to see, use the high school wrestling?


jinglehi... said...

Depends on what your Athletic Association of State said. If you only wear socks.

Rob B said...

Under NFHS rules are the basis of folkstyle school socks as a "special equipment". To be legal, provided that they ensure that the normal movement of joints and wineries. You do not have to fight for an advantage or a disadvantage for the opponent in any way. For example, some fighters wore thick wool socks and running shoes, which makes it difficult to hold a pencil. It is illegal.

Tights are optional extras are different, "and legally, if they hold stirrups. Therefore, they can not slide up or down, if they are made.

As for socks match, for each referee. In my case, I would say it is illegal when he slipped and impeded the implementation of the enemy stops. It is better to have the entire tournament referee check them out for weighing.

BTW, is capable of illegal devices, a technical violation (1 point) to his opponent and he uses his free time first, to correct them. If you do not solve in 90 seconds, beatingAult game.

McEd said...

I do not think, but most of the socks were the regular crew.

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