Friday, January 15, 2010

Nails London Dint They Do Solar Nails In London. I Want To Fix Solar Nails.?

Dint they do solar nails in London. I want to fix solar nails.? - nails london

I spoke with a friend in Amsterdam and they said they do not come to me now fixed cos I need your nails and nail and nail solar, solar power is not available in London to do, I do not think so, cos, how can you be of good quality and not in London. said that they believe can fix nail solar energy in the U.S. and Holland, not me.
pls help


<<Just-M... said...

Solar Nails are only Pink & White acrylic nails. And any technology that P & W can not solve for you. It is a special kind of nail, or chemicals. It's very simple, common acrylic. Trust me on this point. Many people are tempted to believe that his name reveals something new solar and acrylic nails is strongest when the truth is that they are acrylic nails. Seriously, are ...

Paws 4 Thawts! said...

Well, it's not a lie: ...

Not available in London at the moment but very soon.

I hope that helped

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