Sunday, January 10, 2010

System Development Tools What Kind Of Tools Could Be Used In Phase Of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

What kind of tools could be used in phase of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? - system development tools

The type of instruments depend on the particular phase of the meeting of requirements can use tools such as repositories of information, electronic files, perhaps via the Internet information on a certain category, etc.

In the planning phase and you can design tools such as MS Visio, Rational Rose, flowchart software, perhaps a little too Gantt chart and milestones Pro 2006 or Microsoft Project to do. You can also tools for creating data flow diagrams (DFD) and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).

During the construction phase can be used as a platform for rapid application development, you can use tools such as Visual Studio.NET IDE, you can download the software code generation, perhaps something like the use of WYSIWYG software such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

In the test phase, the tools could use the property unit testing, integration tools complete system monitoring and diagnostic tools, statistics and reports errors.

Could be in the maintenance phase, with specialized tools for multiple processes to automate, you can use a built-PHAare tools to improve existing systems, you can reporting tools so that you know the state of the system and if it is humiliating, etc.

It comes on stage with a focus on the economy and depend on the companies that use the basic tools of design data are somewhat different, said in a company developing Web applications.

I hope that this is a satisfactory answer.

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