Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wenger Laptop Backpack Wenger SwissGear Rival Backpack... How Is It?

Wenger SwissGear Rival Backpack... How is it? - wenger laptop backpack

Has anyone rival Wenger SwissGear backpack?
or know someone who has?

I think the online shopping, but I want to see first. As none of the stores in my area have not, I was standing in line could someone tell me about it? Perhaps too many pictures?

If possible, these questions can be answered?
How do I complete and all the support you have for your laptop?
How much cushion on the floor?
How much room do not have the backpack?
Would you recommend? (I'll mainly for school use)

Thank you!

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Compeek said...

I know this is not a competition, but it remains a Swiss Gear backpack. This synergy. It is very difficult to secure and works very well on a laptop, while there is much room for anything else. See here a list that includes many of the details:

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