Saturday, February 20, 2010

Normal Percent Body Muscle I Am 16, Have Questions About My Body?

I am 16, have questions about my body? - normal percent body muscle

I weigh 182 and have) all the muscles in the majority (11% fat percent, and is constantly sports, but I wonder Am I on the weight or normal and I am 6 feet tall

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Stanley D said...

At 5'10 "I was at my best (and muscle) in about 185 pounds. I looked good and was proud of my body. Was around 6 feet (and the same weight) that a little thinner than I In my best. So the answer is NO, is not overweight. you could have a better physique than I did when I was young, have.
Another point is that muscles weigh more than fat. How could gain a few pounds and sleeker than the weighs about ten pounds less than you. People are surprised to hear that I now weigh 190 lbs. Mostly I think I'm about 170th People are also concerns about the weight, especially if they are muscular.
The girls have a bigger problem when you work to lose weight. SometimesWeight gain (due to increased muscle), but something ten times better than before. Despite a weight that is remains very slim waist and clear shapes together. If you feel healthy, can run a few miles and fits well in your clothes then you have nothing to fear. Do not exceed the insurance card that you say what would be your ideal weight. They dont take into account the ability of a sports person, nor take into account many other factors.
Enjoy your youth, your health and a good constitution. Good luck with the girls. Enjoy a well-tones youth.
EDIT: 11% body fat is very good. That alone says all you're in good shape. Curremt Keep your body fat and be punished.

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