Thursday, February 11, 2010

Girdle Girls Pics I Want Body Pictures Of Me On My Myspace, But Im Insecure About My Body. Advice Please?

I want body pictures of me on my myspace, but im insecure about my body. Advice please? - girdle girls pics

I have many very good pictures on my myspace, but our plans are not the body. Never upload pictures from up there, because I am a little fat ... Now I have good! and when people see me on Myspace person [like me to take in supermarkets, shopping centers, etc. Party;] ... I can only say that I expect very beautiful. I'm 5'7 (height) than the 190 and in a strong piece ... most (abdominal fat), I wear a size 16th hugggeee'm ugly or not! I wear a belt ... I am your daughter with a larger one. but now I'm 18 ... In adults, just trying to do about something and not to think what the people from me. But for some reason I think just to see the body PPL DNT want .. I love because I compliment .. I think that is when I put up the pictures of the body ... I do not want to get many comments that I did not. idk advice?


giantess... said...

Hey, should not unsure, there are many men who are attracted by the "big" women who call them "(MA BBW Big Beautiful Women) and if you show that you trust yourself, then people will respect. Do you understand me But it is not wrong "enemy", as usual, just ignore the idiots and even yourself!:)

phukt_in... said...

First .... Do not think because they are bigger than some of the skin and bones of women through the media, which are not beautiful, presented. There are millions of people who prefer an older girl.

The key is comfortable in your own skin. If this happens .... inner beauty is much simpler.

If your baby is a little ... when his great-great .... You can not hide the fact, why try? Most people really care.

Valerie said...

be comfotable of sight or path. TSD TSD aneraxic u want to be, because people do not like girls and not *** chicken legs! I'm 5'6 and I weight 134 kg .. cuz everyone in my class, but that's up aneraxic. r all smaller than me .. ur the highest weight and recent mehh confidence.

Nσтσяισυѕ Ð2 ☠ said...

Just be yourself, PPL, like you, not about what others think, worry, and then only work on his game and a healthy diet and exercise, do not worry, no problems.

GreasedU... said...

Do not be a superficial Hallett ... If you have a comfortable with your appearance so be it. You can not convince anyone, so do not try to go mad. Beauty is skin deep in the heart of what is really what determines the true beauty.

l337ex said...

Stop being fat.

ѕтαяя∂υѕ... said...

So do not post pictures of your body. If you are unsure!

Dave said...

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jeremyir... said...

Now think this way - if you think this is true, then if you just think a photo of your face, you deceive the people that you have a perfect 10th Perhaps you ought not to deceive in order to repair their self-esteem, and instead of attacking the source of the problem is their weight.

If you stop going to radically change your life, to MySpace for a few months, change your diet and exercise every day, I guarantee you there will come a day when you can take a picture of the whole body to MySpace Post, or even better show their bodies look in real life and not about anything.

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