Saturday, February 6, 2010

.lower Leg Pain How To Treat Lower Leg Pain When Exercising?

How to treat lower leg pain when exercising? - .lower leg pain

It is located on the outer edges of the lower leg. It hurts especially when walking fast and a little trot, and then when it is running again after the execution. It's almost like a tearing, burning, and can be very, very painful. I have tried to use the heat of the calf during training, but this does not help at all.


dancegee... said...

Looks like a pulled muscle, and believe me, I know it can be very painful, I am a dancer so often happens! First, you need rest! Take It Easy to work and to skip one or two days if possible. Then, while sitting on the ice for 10 to 15 minutes, then wait a few minutes and then for 10 to 15 minutes of heat. For this purpose a few times a day and should help a lot!. You can also try the hot patch of ice while doing normal activities, did not go well at work. It really helps me personally. Also, remember to do with a leg or something warm youre leg while training for the muscles warm and loose in order to strengthen and cause more pain!
Hope this helps!
Get better soon!

John said...

I recommend that you leave year high and go to the doctor as soon as possible. Try some stretching exercises, if you want.

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