Monday, February 15, 2010

Visqueen Pond Using Visqueen As A Pond Liner 5m Diameter. What Type Of Tape Would Be Most Suitable To Ensure Its Waterproof?

Using visqueen as a pond liner 5m diameter. What type of tape would be most suitable to ensure its waterproof? - visqueen pond

I intend to use 2 layers Visqueen at right angles to each other. I need the tape to the plastic to stick together and be waterproof. I Sandland


Aussie Steve G said...

Gray Band, Buy Visqueen, plumbers and owners of all operations to use, it sticks like s # * t on a blanket. Make sure when you fit the plastic over it you get to your circle and fold the ribbon. Also, remember to leave enough gap on the top, so if you are using water that is filled settle and throw some parts at the top. Not as I cut the first time, the plastic and plastic water-filled and finished water in the ... dddaaahhh.

Bricky Local 9 PA said...

Personally, I use a rubber cap ... Visqueen sunlight breaks down. I'm trying to save each year to the poured concrete and the second or third year of its value cover ...

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