Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scalewatcher Complaints How Does Scalewatcher Electronic Hard Water Conditioner Work?

How does Scalewatcher electronic hard water conditioner work? - scalewatcher complaints

Recently, it has a problem that has been on the functioning of the plasticizer Scalewatcher, because the answers were incomplete and incorrect, and the thread is closed, I start a new one:
Conditioner electronic work hard to bring the Ca + + and Mg + + ions in suspension. The effect lasts for at least two days, not two hours! Apart from avoiding scale flows, as the treated water, clean existing scale. It is a beautiful to see, demonstrated the shower cleaning on its own and broken glass in the water heater in the aerator screens. In a few weeks before all the current scale and has lived there in the plumbing, so is the amount of free energy and water saving heating and maintenance costs.
It has three years since we installed our Scalewatcher and we comComplaints: We have much broader in taps and showers have been carried out which have the ugly brown limestone disappeared into the toilet and never again, our tankless water heater working and new. (Source: www.scalewatcherusa.com)
SPARKFISH for the friend who does not understand how it works, it all would be on the Lorenz force, I try, because of scientific explanation in the next post. To the layman, if you want independent research that proves the efficacy of physical treatment of water (ETAP), see the technology to the source: http://www.aquagenesisusa.com/IndepResearchSW.html
My references: I am an engineer 22 years of industry experience in water treatment.

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